Monthly Archives: February 2010

HHO generator trial run

I wanted to see if i was on the right track before putting much more effort into this project.  So, I filled ‘er up with some tap water and double-checked the resistance between the pos/neg posts to make sure there wasn’t a short.  There was about 180k OHMs of resistance – not sure if that is good or bad.  So I then jumpered in some temporary leads and threw the switch.

The bubbles coming off the plates was immense!  You couldn’t even see in as the water was so frothy with them.  That lasted for about 10 seconds until my 20amp shop breaker tripped.  The water, electrical leads, and alligator clips were pretty hot too.  So, with that I’d call the trial run a success – but I really hope I can bring down the current draw using distilled water and (limited) baking soda or I will have to resort to other measures to limit the current…

The picture below is from when it was all over, I wasn’t brave enough to stand close on the first run.

Rectifier Bridge

Most info online show using a car batter / charger to do elecrolysis… I didn’t want to deal with that so I am going to give 110v a shot. Here is how I will turn it to DC which is what is required. 35A rectifier bridge on a old CPU heatsink. Hopefully I can control the current by the amount of baking soda in the distiller water. Let me know if you think this is a bad idea for any reason.

HHO Rocket

We did a lot of water rockets at the cabin last season but were always limited by the compressor up there. It would only generate 80psi or so. After reading about using electrolysys to make hydrogen / oxygen for rockets in my make magazine I thought I would give it a go.

For the electrolysis I used stainless steel outlet covers on stainless bolts. I kept them seperated by nylon spacers. Two sizes if spacers kept them apart as well as protect the bolts from touching the plates they went through.