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Monitor mount for CNC machine

I needed a to replace the stock monitor mount on my 19″ lcd as the base took up too much room, and didn’t leave any for the keyboard.  The VESA mounts are standard 70mm spacing, so it was pretty easy to draw up a replacement.  The only thing I forgot to account for is the on/off toggle on the back, so I had to add a notch for that during install.


First (probably not last) CNC Oops.

Just wanted to upload a picture on why you want to ensure you have mill-friendly (plastic/wood) hold-downs on your cnc table.  I didn’t have the bit retract set high enough, and in the middle of a high-speed jog the bit went right through my nice new nylon hold-down.  At least there was no damage done!

First crack at drawers

When I moved the workshop into the garage, I made 4 cabinet carcasses to hold the workbench up, but never made shelves or drawers for them.  I had today off, and spent most of the day at the tablesaw making drawers.  Don’t think I have ever used the dado blade this much!  So far it seems everything came together OK, but time will tell after the drawer slides come in.  I got 18″ 100lb full extension slides off amazon for about 6.50 each.  I don’t think I am going ot use knobs on them, probably will cut notches out of the fronts.  Maybe a quick jig to have the CNC do it…

CNC hold down blocks

First order of business, prior to even calibrating the machine is to create some hold down blocks to clamp the work.  My friend had used these pretty cool ones called pinchblox, but their website seems to be out of commission, so I decided to make my own.  Basically they have a notch on each end, one for 1/2 inch material, and the othe for 3/4 inch.  They go in the t-slots milled in the cnc table and then clamp down with a nylon wing nut.  I could have made them out of wood, but wanted to try some plastic as I have never really worked with that material before.  I looked up a local plastic supplier (Lion Engineering) and went and visited them.  They were very accomodating and gave me a 30 minute tour of their facility.  I had no idea there were so many types of plastic.  I had planned on UHMW, as I had at least heard of that, but they talked me into some high density which was about 1/2 the price, running around $20/sq ft.

It machined very nice, and I created a little video documenting the process.  Hopefully future posts will be a little more exciting than clamps..

Machining the plastic hold downs