Monthly Archives: April 2012

Wine bottle ring

I had a friend turning the big 4-oh and he was having a little dinner event.  I was bringing a bottle of wine, and as he thinks the CNC machine is pretty cool I wanted to make him something.  As my wife indicated all the birthday cards we had in the house were too girly, I thought a ring of some sort on the bottle would work out nicely.

I broke out he calipers, and measured the neck on a bottle I had in the house.  Pretty straighforward to draw up the ring in CAD, and add the text.  This was my first text engraving, and all I had on had was a 60 degree v bit I had purchased for isolation routing circuit boards (which I haven’t actually done yet).  I loaded up some maple on the CNC machine, and put a piece of contact paper (for lining kitchen drawers) on it.

maple with contact paper

I then routed the text, and blasted the letters with some black spraypaint.  The contact paper made a great mask.

I then routed out the circles, and did a light sanding on all sides.

One note, be aware not all wine bottle necks are the same size.  We ended up taking the ring to the wine shop, and had to test bottles to ensure it fit on the one we purchased!