Monthly Archives: August 2020

Arc Reactor

A somewhat atypical project for me as its more artistic in nature, but covid-19 lockdown is driving me to dig deeper into the project archive. I had printed out some arc reactor parts from thingiverse a while a go and they were sitting in a box as they didn’t look very interesting in their stock form. I did a little sanding/painting of the parts and decided to go for an old school Iron Man 1 made-in-a-cave look, so i used a lot of rust type colors.

This was my first time using magnet wire, and i used it both aesthetically (wrapped around the 10 nodes) as well as for actually wiring up the LED’s. If you haven’t used it, this wire is copper coated in an enamel coating to protect against short-circuiting. That means to solder it, you need to clean off the enamel, and I basically just burnt it off with the soldering iron which worked pretty well.