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HT Controller : Overview

Ok, this is a quick post to index the previous posts relating to my Home Theater controller build for later reference.

Project Goal(s):

  1. Mostly to use the CNC machine to make something new, with materials other than wood.  Learn in the process.
  2. Fix a previous project that broke.  I had a power strip that turned on my amps sequentially but the voltage regulator burned up (no heatsink)
  3. Address the problem that my cable modem is behind my theater equipment rack, and when it needs to be reset it’s a pain to get to.

With that in mind, here are the posts covering the basic steps – in order:

  1. Learning to make a circuit board.  Isolation routing one and two.
  2. Cutting the front/back panels out of acrylic.
  3. Assembling the innards of the controller, and connecting input/outputs.
  4. Troubleshooting the things that went wrong.
  5. Final pics and video of completed project.

HT Controller : Complete

I got the controller installed in my media cabinet.  Connected the cable modem and router to the outlets on the back, and the db9 over to the powerstrip all the theater amplifiers are plugged into.  Pretty happy with the fit, and it will be nice not having to pull my equipment rack out to reboot the cable modem.

Besides, it seems to add a little flair when firing up the system to watch a movie.

—-=== VIDEO ===—